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Entry is now closed for the 2014 event.

If you are an elite athlete interested in entering this year's race please contact John Duncan.

Relay Teams

Thigh's The Limit
Dream Team
Highland Flingerblingers
Do I Need to Take Part?
Try Again This Year
Three Jocks & a Geordie
Mutt's Nuts
Frog Hoppers
Which Way to Tyndrum?
Springboys n' Burdz
Strathaven Stunners
Glenpark Harriets 1
Glenpark Harriets 2
Sweaty Sweatshopers
Charles Gordon's Fan Club
Taxi for Tyndrum
Fun Flingin' Midgie Slingers
B'Craigs Buzzards
Four Daft Burds
Cheery Cherry Scones
The Tricky Treacle Scones
The Underdogs
Killie Highlanders
Killie Crocks
Cail�n� Le Ch�ile
Sporran To Run
Wine Gums & Jelly Babies
Two Timers
Simon's 30 B4 30
Stoney Underdogs
Wee Grumpy Runners
The Fruit Nutters
On Day Release
Canicross Naked
Kinross Warriors
Dolliver's Dolls
Chi Runners
Moray Babes
Racy Runners
Ag Teacht Suas an Deireadh Chul
JP Striders
The Wee Malkies
BMF Falkirk
Kinross Highland Flingers
Jog Haddington 2
Jog Haddington 1
Dundee RR A
Dundee RR B
ERN Beer Chasers
ERN Cake Chasers
Milly 1
Milly 2
Carnegie Ramblers
Carnegie Wrinklies

Apologies to those teams that didn't get a place